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This place is awesome!

This place is awesome!!! We took our oldest pup for the 2-week board and train. It was amazing how well behaved he was when we got him back! Coach Herb in Columbus is the best and our pup just adores him! Scheduling is super easy and they work with you on payments! Customer service is the best I have ever experienced. I definitely recommend them. We plan on sending our other pup there.

Jennifer Frerick  //  Verified Google Review

Training was life changing!

This training was life changing! My 65 lb dog can now walk loose-leash. He no longer pulls or jumps. This was the best training I could have ever asked for. Best money ever spent!

Amy Martin  //  Verified Google Review

We are beyond thankful!

We are beyond thankful that we found Off Leash K9!!  Our trainer was AMAZING!  We can honestly not express how grateful we are to have been able to work with this group.  We have a 100lb rescue German Shepherd that we have had for about a year now...he is the sweetest boy BUT dog reactive...and lets just think about a 100lb dog that is reactive to anything...not good!  They honestly went above and beyond with us to work with him...they truly "listen" to the dog as to how best to go about training them and working on improving the overall communication between dog and man even to the point of bringing in additional trainers with additional skill sets just to make the best of our time together.  Our pup is a much happier, healthier member of the family and we can not rave about Off Leash K9 enough!

JW Lane  //  Verified Google Review

Simply Incredible!

Our Trainers were simply incredible. They helped give our pup the confidence and skills to overcome his fears and shyness.

Natasha Pease  //  Verified Google Review

The Difference Was NIght & DAY!

My little princess Vivian did the 2 week board and train in Augusta, Ga. Our Trainer was very friendly and kept me informed throughout the 2 weeks with email updates along with pictures and videos. I know there will be hiccups along our route back together and she will try and push her daddy cause that’s what fur babies do. But I feel with the foundation that they started, we will do fine. I noticed a difference of day and night from the time I dropped her off to getting her back. I would recommend off the leash k9 to anyone who wants to better their fur baby and the relationship you have with them.

Alan Norman  //  Verified Google Reviewer

the best money I've Spent!

Offleash K9 was the best money I've spent since getting my GSD. Our Trainer was fantastic and made sure we accomplished all our goals and gave me the tools necessary to continue our education. Uziel passed his Canine Good Citizen test and we couldn't be happier. (And I'm incredibly proud of my boy)

Michael E.  //  Verified Google Reviewer

would recommend them to anyone!

I can’t say enough about our experience with GA Off Leash and Greg! We sent our German Short-Haired Pointer for 2 week board and train with Greg, and I feel like I brought home Lassie after training. Being a hyper breed, he had a bad habit of jumping and nipping. I was scared to leave my children alone with him. Now, he has such self control. It’s obvious he has so much more self confidence too. He is such a joy to be around, and we’re enjoying his loving nature, which now shines! Greg did a great job sending us video updates, and we could tell our dog felt loved and safe. I feel indebted to Greg and GA Off Leash, and would recommend them to anyone!

Christy J Lane  //  Verified Facebook Review

I really appreciate the hard work!

I really appreciate the hard work and dedication of Off Leash K9! They worked with my dog's specific needs (anxiety) and helped me feel like I could have a functioning relationship with her again! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is having issues with their pups!

Tori Barnwell  //  Verified Facebook Review

Thanks to the wonderful trainers!

We chose Off Leash for our 1 year old Husky, Max. He was extremely hyper, liked to jump on people, dart out the door and run around the neighborhood. Thanks to the wonderful trainers, Max had calmed down and more well-behaved. He caught on quick at each session. The trainers were great with him. They took their time teaching us and answering any questions! We would definitely recommend them and will return if we ever need too!! Thank you!!!

Megan Dailey  //  Verified Facebook Review

Attentive, COnfident & Behaved!

Our Great Dane puppy's (Wrigley) trainer was absolutely amazing! Not only was he a great trainer for Wrigley, he was an amazing teacher for me. Made me a better dog owner!
They are not kidding when they say after one lesson. A totally different pup! Wrigley went from a puppy that had a severe case of selective listening to a pup that was attentive, confident, and well behaved. Do yourself a favor and invest! 

Tom Hewetson  //  Verified Facebook Review

Saved Our Family!

We were ready to find a new home for our youngest dog, after we realized we were not educated enough to train him. We called Off Leash K9 Training and were set up with aggressive dog lessons within a few weeks (well worth the wait!). We worked closely with our Trainer and he really saved our family. Our friends and family are so impressed with Achilles' improvement and two have already signed their dogs up for training! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Kate Farmer  //  Verified Facebook Review

Trainer was absolutely great!

Our Trainer was absolutely great with our Piper. It was a lot of new information. But she was very patient with Piper and me. I love that she explained a lot of "why's."  Why they train the way they do. Why dogs respond the way they do. Not only did she train Piper, she also trained me on how to work with Piper at home. She explained how and when to use the different commands to achieve the needed behavior for different scenarios we might encounter. I would definitely recommend Off Leash K9 Training...the best!

Renee T. Reed  //  Verified Facebook Review

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